There are two ways we can work together: 

1. A full design plan for your space.

2. By the hour - you pick your needs and we go over them in a block of time you purchase. 

1. Design Plan

A designed look that you can implement yourself, in the way that works best for you.

This is for you if

You want to feel inspired and ready to take action.

You want to feel the peace of mind of knowing exactly what to buy, where to buy it and how much it will cost because you have a shopping list with links to products that you can purchase at your own convenience. 

You want to visually see how the room is going to look when it's finished so you can get excited knowing what you're working toward. 

What you get

A comprehensive questionnaire for you to give me details on your space, your style & what you want your room to feel and look like. 

Clear communication throughout our time of working together. It is very important to me that it is a collaborative process so you end up with a space that feels 100% like 'you'.

A design board that will show you how the room will look and exactly how the pieces will be arranged. 

A to-scale drawing of the layout & lighting plan.

A shopping list with items so you know exactly where to purchase them and how much they'll cost.

A written plan that will include specific instructions, tips and resources.


The design process is three weeks, at the end of which you receive your finished design plan via email. 

You get to decide your own timeline for implementing these ideas so you can do it all right away OR spread out the cost and the work - this is about YOUR needs and YOUR timeline. You can hire your own professionals to implement the design or put your DIY skills to use. It is my goal and my joy to create a plan for you that is inspiring, practical and feels like 'you'. Throughout the process, I will listen, guide you gently, care a whole lot and cheer you on.

Available both locally and long distance.

Breakfast (kitchen) nook / Powder Room / Hallway 300

Mudroom / Bathroom 400

Porch / Patio  / Deck 450

Dining Room / Kitchen / Library / Den / Home Office 550

Living Room / Family Room / Bedroom 650

2. By the hour


Colour consultation

Selection of finishes

Furniture layout


Art selection and placement

Staging consultation

Or we can tackle a variety of topics on an hourly basis - even in just one hour, we can cover a lot of ground.