Jadyn was great to work with! She listened to my design style and came up with a beautiful concept, she was also very flexible with me when it came to incorporating my feedback and ideas as well. 

- Jamie in Cranford, NJ

"If you are looking for someone to help you see and create more of yourself in your home, look no further. You've found your girl. I'm a renter and have grown tired of living, without passion or connection, in the same environments with the same old couches for a long time. I knew I needed to bring myself and my personality into my place, but I felt very overwhelmed about where to start. Browsing the Internet and Pinterest were helpful, but felt like a fire hydrant of information coming straight at me. 

And then I found Jadyn. Even filling out the questionnaire to prepare for our consultation helped me get clear on what my problems were, and what I might look to for inspiration. During our consultation, I could tell that Jadyn had really taken the time to prepare and meditate on what it was that I needed or could incorporate into my space. She channels creativity so well, and really knew how to read me. I felt like every suggestion was completely tailored to who I am and couldn't wait to get off the call so that I could go and start using them! 

I have gained total clarity on exactly what I need to do, received specific suggestions of places to go and things to use, and above all, feel a lot of passion for this project where I used to feel overwhelmed. I would recommend Jadyn to my friends and family in a heartbeat. She is professional, diligent, and effective, but also compassionate, empathetic, and creative. It was a pleasure to work with Jadyn!"

— Annika E., long distance consultation package

"After being a loyal follower of Jadyn's blog and an admirer of her personal design style, I was interested in having her help me with my bedroom. A few email interactions about the dimensions of my room, and my own design style later and Jadyn was off planning and transforming my space into something I had envisioned. This process was a great start, for even a beginner like me, as I had never personally defined my sense of style for decorating, nor had I formally studied what I was drawn to. The consultation also allowed me to work through the function of my room and what I wanted to see change or stay the same. Jadyn's design philosophy, ability to work from what you have, and adherence to a budget were both appealing and inspiring for me as I took on this new project

Jadyn's design plan was such a gift and exactly the nudge I needed to move forward with my room. Her ideas were right in line with what types of furniture pieces I liked, as well as a process that worked with my own time and budget constraints. Many of the suggestions had different levels incorporated within it, giving me the option of spending very little money and refurbishing something old, or buying something new to add to the room. I appreciated this flexibility, as it gave me the chance to consider what I could do with items that weren't that important to me, and where I might consider spending a few extra $. Furthermore, it made me reassess the value I placed on certain parts of the room and how I used it in daily life. I had always enjoyed looking at design items and home furnishings, but this allowed me to have a greater focus and a more defined vision for my own specific space rather than just something I liked aesthetically or in theory. 

I would highly recommend Jadyn to anyone who has a new space and needs some inspiration, or an old space that needs some new life. The fresh pair of eyes and interesting design perspective, allow you to think about the space differently and decorate in a way that's both livable and beautiful. Thanks, Jadyn!"

— Stephanie C., design plan package