My Five Favourite New IKEA Finds

The new IKEA catalogue is on-line and I had so much fun browsing it! I always love seeing what new products they come up with and how they style them. 

Here are my five favourites of the new products:


While these are technically two different products, they're both chalkboards so I can put them together, right? I think these designs are really fun and I love the functionality of the one at the top (the MALARNA).  The worldmap chalkboard (the MOLLTORP) is perfect for planning trips or for people who have friends and family across the world and want to mark their locations. 


The GRONADAL rocking chair would be the perfect addition to a nursery or sunroom! I just love this design and the look of wicker with powder-coated steel. 


I'm in love with the vintage, industrial look of the KULLABERG swivel chair!  I hardly ever see office chairs I really like so I was really pleasantly surprised to come across this one. The website says it's comfortable too and I look forward to trying it out on my next IKEA trip.


You can use the FLADIS basket with the handles up or down as in the picture below - how cool is that? It looks like a completely different basket! I think it's such a lovely shape for a basket and the new design (they had it only in one colour before) adds a bit of graphic flair. I love it and it's going on my wish list! 


The FLISAT doll house is totally on my radar because my kids are at the age that they love these kinds of things, but just look at how cute it is!  I also like that you can use it as a shelf or as a dollhouse and you can use it on the floor or attach it to the wall. And you can buy the cutest miniature IKEA furniture sets for it! Oh my heart, I will be keeping this in mind for my daughter's birthday! 

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of IKEA finds. Tell me, what is YOUR favourite IKEA product?