Our Home, Part 1

Today, I’d like to tell you how I’m designing my own house. I will have much more to share in the upcoming time, because it’s a continual work in progress. With our kids the age that they are and the season of life we’re in, we’re low on extra time, energy and money but it helps me to look at it as an art project and focus on the small progress we make instead of focus too much on what doesn’t get done. 

One of the challenges for my husband and I was to figure out a shared aesthetic. My taste encompasses a large variety of things (and before I narrowed it down, it was a definitely all over the place), while Ben’s taste is a bit more narrow (which actually can be very helpful) and it often felt like he just nixed whatever my latest idea was. But once we spent some time thinking about it, we realized that we actually had more in common than we thought. While I like a huge range of colours, we both could agree on a palette of classic colours. We also both like classic pieces but mixed up in a personal way and with some quirky touches. I have developed a couple of style statements for myself that helps encapsulate the look and feel we’re after, and that help me stay on track when coming up with ideas and making decisions:

-  French apartment meets English cottage 

- modern rustic romantic

I literally repeat these in my head as mantras when I’m thinking of new ideas for my home to see if they fit the overall idea we’re after. (If you want to create your own style statement, I’ve developed a workbook to help you do that and you can get it by signing up in the sidebar.)

On top of that, it’s very important to me that our home reflects not only our taste, but who we are and our version of beautiful. I want our home to feel joyful and welcoming to us and to visitors and I want people to feel like they know us better just by walking into our home. 

Here are a couple of inspiration photos that have stuck with me for years now and they are literally from a French apartment (from the movie Before Sunset) and an English cottage (from the movie The Holiday). However different they are, they both have a bit of a carefree, cozy, romantic vibe that feels timeless to me and that’s what inspires me for our home.

The Parisian apartment in Before Sunset:

The English cottage in The Holiday:

We decided on a colour palette that is pretty classic: red, blue, grey and black. Red is a strong colour, but it’s an enduring favourite for both of us (I even got married in red!). I'll show more about how we use these colours in upcoming posts.

I look forward to sharing more of my design ideas and changes we make along the way!