Finding The Right Colors Makes All The Difference


Today I have a blog post for you by Brittany Hagler, an abstract artist who knows a thing or two about creating a relaxing home. Take it away, Brittany!  

Hi, my name is Brittany Hagler and I'm an Abstract Artist in Madison, WI, USA. I help people escape their stress by creating paintings with calming color palettes and using soothing techniques.

Color is remarkable… it can make you feel happy, cozy, or even relaxed. 

Back when I first started trying to reduce my own stress I did extensive research on how and why color affects us. I looked at both interior decorators and scientist and they agree that color has an influence on us. 

Today I want to share a few tips on how you can create a home you LOVE through the use of color.

1. Blue, Green, & Violet are the most calming colors you can use.
Research shows that some colors relax you, while others increase your stress.
In 1958 Gerard reported that color had effects on the autonomic nervous system and the visual cortex. This basically means the color we see affects your visual senses, heartbeat, and breathing, which are also related to stress levels.

2. Use soft hues of bright colors.
If you love red, orange, or yellow you don't have to give them up. Although they are known to increase stress levels you can reduce their effect by using lighter hues.

3. Neutrals are your friend.
Using neutrals to balance the room is a wonderful idea. They can help make a cool room feel cozy, or a hot room cool off.