Welcome to the Nesting Ever After blog! For this first post, I'd love to share something close to my heart with you. I wrote a manifesto to talk about the 'why' behind Nesting Ever After and what makes me passionate about interior design. It's about so much more than pretty things, it's about creating an environment for YOU that supports your life and the way you want to live it. 



Nesting Ever After is about cozy spaces that reflect the styles, stories and personalities of those who live in them. I have a soft spot for free-spirited homebodies and for spaces filled with things that are collected and curated. 

It’s less about rooms that look like they belong in a magazine and more about spaces that are really personal to the people who live in them. It is my goal to create something beautiful for my clients, but more than that, a space that is worthy of joy and encourages relationships. To create a warm, welcoming place where your family can connect & where visitors can stop by to soak in the cozy joy of conversation in a lovely setting, to find renewal and leave inspired. 


I believe that what you surround yourself with and how you live with those things reflects your journey & story. You are not defined by your home, you define IT and while it reflects you, it also reflects back to you something that either energizes OR depletes you. When you decorate with purpose, your home will in turn remind you of YOUR purpose on days when weariness sets in (we all have them). 

You have work to do in this world, and not just the stuff you do on a daily basis, but the work of loving like only you can, and of sharing your unique combination of gifts and life experiences with the world. YOU are a gift. 

I believe in creativity and being true to who you are. I believe that perfection is overrated and letting fear stop you from taking action is a definite NO. 


More than anything else, I want you to love your life and having a space that makes you feel good can really help with that (and make life just a little more magical). 


Thank you for reading my manifesto! I'd love to connect with you, please leave a comment to say hi. :) 

xo Jadyn

If you want help creating a home that makes you happy, please don't hesitate to contact me